Sunday, 22 June 2014

Breeding Kestrels, Burnley, June 2014

As last year, the Kestrels returned to breed in Burnley, raising five
chicks, all fledging within five days of each other and a full six weeks
earlier than last year. Although i did wonder if they'd return, with a
Jackdaw seemingly, occupying the nest site in late March. It's great
to see them doing so well, especially with the large declines nationally
of these birds, perhaps an urban residence is the way to go!

The photo opportunities were superb, perhaps hampered a little by
the light, but i can't complain! And because this site is in a busy area
of the town, the Kestrels are used to the comings-and-goings of the
people, allowing for some incredible views of the adults.

Some of the images of the Kestrel family...

juveniles at the nest entrance

feeling sleepy!

when you've gotta go...

fighting over the remains of this Vole