Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Gannet, Lower Foulridge

May 24th 2011 and a report of a Gannet on Lower Foulridge by an unfamiliar name
on the ELOC website had to be investigated. After scanning the res' for ten minutes
i almost gave up when, tucked up against the bushes on the far bank was a large
white shape.....

Lower Foulridge played host to another Gannet during July 2008, when an immature
bird was seen on and off for over a week!

The bird showed extremely well at times, down to a few yards.
It made many half-hearted attempts to plunge dive but was unsuccessful in catching any


Almost missed was a female Common Scoter at the opposite end of the Reservoir in
the choppy water, ( nice one John!)

Three Dunlin were on the Upper Reservoir.

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