Sunday, 4 September 2011

Eaten alive!

Sparrowhawk attack on Lapwing, Upper Foulridge 3/09/11

This female Sparrowhawk attacked the 300+ Lapwing flock and pinned a
very unfortunate individual to the ground. Within seconds, a small group of
Carrion Crows appeared, trying, as i thought, to rob the Hawk of it's catch.

The Lapwing remained alive for around twenty minutes as the Sparrowhawk
didn't start plucking it straight away.

Struggling to escape

After removing some of the Lapwing's back feathers the Sparrowhawk started
tearing strips of flesh from it, before the bird finally died. The Crows keeping a
respectable distance, managed to steal a few bits of flesh stuck to plucked feathers.

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  1. What a fantastic spectacle. Sparrowhawks are awesome creatures!