Sunday, 22 January 2012

North Norfolk, 21st Jan' 2012

Glen H' and Mark F' joined me on a day trip to see the long-staying
Western Sandpiper at Cley. We stopped at Titchwell first, to look for the
Coues' Arctic Redpoll. A small group of Redpolls were feeding in the
trees near the car park and being Redpolls, we were straining our necks'
looking up at them. One bird in particular was much paler with a thin
single under-tail covert streak. Looking from below we couldn't see the
rump, maybe it was....

On to Cley and the Western Sandpiper played a game of hide and seek 
as it fed with Dunlins on the reserve. After an hour, we finally got clear
but distant views and satisfied, we spent what remained of the day watching

Brent Geese

European White-fronts

A scattering of Marsh Harriers and a covey of almost twenty Grey Partridge
adding to the mix of a day spent mainly driving.

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