Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Norway, 9th- 15th August 2012

Another mini-tour of Europe in the campervan this summer and Norway
was the destination. We travelled through Belgium, Holland, Germany
and Denmark before catching the ferry across to Kristiansand and
travelling around South West Norway.

It was generally very poor, bird-wise, although my expectations weren't
high, (this being a non-birdy holiday) i did expect to see little more. The
scenery was stunning, with lots of waterfalls, fjords and mountains.

Some bird highlights were: Red-backed Shrike, Icterine Warbler, Sea Eagle,
Rough-legged Buzzard, breeding plumaged Red and Black-throated Divers,
and Grey-headed Wagtail. While travelling on the mainland i saw a 300 strong
flock of Black Terns along with Barnacle Geese, 35 Spoonbills, and Ruddy

Rough-legged Buzzard was a superb sight, hunting over

The awesome Pulpit Stone

Common Tern

My first sighting of Beaver!

Icterine Warbler
Porpoise were very common
Common Gull

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