Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Pied and Eastern Marsh Harriers

Whilst birding in Thailand we visited the large Harrier roosting site near
Chiang Saen in the north of the country. We made two, late afternoon
visits on the 7th and 8th March 2013. On both days the light was very
poor with dark, heavy cloud and rainfall on the 8th. This didn't however
dampen our spirits and we were treated to a superb avian spectacle.

We made no attempts to count the Birds, as they came in from all areas.
But i think it would be safe to say that around 200+ Birds were present.

The male Pieds were truly striking and there were lots around!

A distant shot of almost all Eastern Marsh. 

Female Pieds were trickier to id and fieldguides lacked detailed
plates of the immature plumages, i just snapped away with the camera!

Juvenile Pied

 juvenile Eastern Marsh Harrier

Female Eastern Marsh Harrier

Male Eastern Marsh

This Eastern Marsh was photographed by the Mekong River

A very scraggy Bird!