Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Dotterel magic, Pendle Hill, 5th-6th May 2013

I made two evening visits to Pendle on these days and was treated to
views of Dotterel on the first evening down to less than arms length!
The Birds were completely relaxed and while i was just inches away
one of the Birds began to roost! Surprisingly, apart from another
birder on the evening of the 6th, i had them all to myself.

I spent in the region of seven hours and took around 2000 images.
Just a few here for your viewing pleasure.

This final image shows the Birds flying off to the north.


  1. Mega, what a great collection of images. Almost wish I was in Burnley!

  2. Great set of images Gary,you certainly made the most of the occasion.

    Love the one with the 3 birds in a line and views of the landscape behind,....clasic shot!!!!!

  3. Thanks, really enjoyed taking them. Couldn't believe how close I got to them!