Sunday, 2 January 2011

2/01/11 East Lancs

I started off with a late morning visit to Pendle
Hill. Where yesterday a flock of twenty-five snow
buntings had been seen. That was yesterday and today
they were not playing. I could not find a single bird.
With just a few red grouse on the summit and a reasonable
view of a fieldfare on the way up, it was very quiet bird wise.

A drive to the layby near the Moorcock Inn at
Waddington Fell to look for the great grey shrike.
With a common buzzard and 3 kestrel's the only thing of note
and no sign of the shrike.

Next stop, Barrow Lodge for a Mcdonald's and a few
 flight shot's of the black-headed gulls before a final visit
of the day to Lower Towneley Scrape. A water rail showed
 itself briefly and a flock of around 20 waxwing
 flew over and down by the nearby housing
estate, ending the day off nicely!

1st winter black-headed gull


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