Sunday, 30 January 2011

Ring-Billed Gull

 29th Jan' Sands Lane gravel pit, West Yorkshire
An afternoon to twitch the long staying r b gull with Sean Johnston
was a success. The bird was found by Sean almost immediately on
arrival, amongst a group of around 250 other gull's.
It showed well on the ice for around thirty minutes
but couldn't be tempted closer, even with my crispy coated
peanut's! Also present: Tufted Duck 16, Pochard, Goosander 4,
Cormorant 8, Wigeon and Mallard.

Next stop, Fairburn Ing's.
The European White-Fronted Geese were
viewable very distantly from Lin Dyke.  Even at a range of 1km
the adult bird's belly marking's were still very noticeable as
they fed amongst Canada Geese. Finally we finished the
freezing day with view's of a Long-Eared Owl, which
was roosting very low down behind a small reed bed.

Tufted Duck with fishing line attached.

Long-Eared Owl

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