Monday, 3 January 2011

Leighton Moss RSPB


At least three bitterns were on view from Lillian's
hide this afternoon and not alot else. At 15:00
three bitterns got up from the reed edge and flew
over the frozen area of water and dropped down
deeper into the reedbed. My first of the year!

 The visitor centre feeding station was alive
with bird's. A small group of lesser redpoll and
marsh tit showing well. The starling roost was
fabulous to watch as they swirled around in the sky
before finally coming in to roost.


starling roost



  1. Hi Gary, glad you had a good weekend. A formating tip - highlight text then select 'justify full'? The bitterns at LM can be so frustrating, any idea if they are better midweek when there are fewer noisy people in Lilian's? Mike

  2. Not sure on that one Mike. Know what you mean about the noisy interloper's in the hide, there were screaming children on Sunday!

    June can be excellent for bittern's from lillan's hide. They often fly back and forth when feeding young at the nest.